Cinna, President Snow, and Claudius Templesmith Finally Cast in Hunger Games Movie

Filming for The Hunger Games started this past weekend, and yet there were a few roles that hadn’t been announced yet. Luckily the cat is finally out of the bag, and three more prominent roles have been filled and announced:


Lenny Kravitz was cast as Katniss’s head stylist, Cinna. Cinna was hands down my favorite character in The Hunger Games series, and this role was one I was particularly anxious to see filled well. With his awesome performance in Precious, I’m hopeful he will do a good job.

Here’s the official release:

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 23, 2011- Lionsgate® and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES are pleased to announce that iconic musician and actor Lenny Kravitz (PRECIOUS) has been cast in the role of Cinna in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel.

Said director Gary Ross of the casting decision, “When I saw Lenny’s work in PRECIOUS I was just knocked out.  It was quiet and strong and understated and open hearted; all qualities which define this character.  I’m really looking forward to this ride.”

Cinna is Katniss Everdeen’s assigned fashion stylist for the highly ceremonial lead up to The 74th Annual Hunger Games. Though he’s a mild mannered first time stylist, the designs he creates, such as the “Girl On Fire” costume for the tributes’ live televised debut, are show-stopping. With odds being set, wagers being placed, and wealthy benefactors able to occasionally intervene in the games, a high public profile is tantamount to a huge advantage for any contestant entering the arena. The stunning and unique designs Cinna creates for Katniss define her public identity, and in an all too real way, could also contribute to her very survival.

Claudius Templesmith:

Claudius Templesmith is the voice of The Hunger Games, which rings out over the arena every night and directly into everyone’s TVs. Actor Toby Jones has been cast in this role. He was actually the voice of Dobby in the Harry Potter movies, so he’s already known for his voice work (though I hope Claudius doesn’t sound like Dobby!). There wasn’t a long press release, but Lionsgate did announce this addition on their Twitter account at the end of last week. Here’s hoping he has the voice for it!

President Snow:

The formidable President Snow has been cast! Donald Sutherland has taken the critical role of the leader of Katniss’s world Panem, and I think he’ll pull it off brilliantly.

Here’s the official release:

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 31, 2011- Lionsgate® and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES are pleased to announce that Donald Sutherland has been cast in the role of President Snow in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel.

SUTHERLAND, star of such iconic films as M*A*S*H, Ordinary People , Klute and Kelly’s Heroes, will next be seen in this summer’s comedy, Horrible Bosses and recently starred in The Mechanic with Jason Statham and Ben Foster, The Eagle with Channing Tatum and the highly-successful long form adaptation of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.

About The Role
President Snow has been the autocratic ruler of Panem and its contained districts for some 25 years at the outset of the story. With a snake-like appearance, he is cruel and ruthless in his intimidation and control tactics.

About The Film
Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games. Part twisted entertainment, part government intimidation tactic, the Hunger Games are a nationally televised event in which “Tributes” must fight with one another until one survivor remains.
Pitted against highly-trained Tributes who have prepared for these Games their entire lives, Katniss is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as well as the mentorship of drunken former victor Haymitch Abernathy. If she’s ever to return home to District 12, Katniss must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

THE HUNGER GAMES will be directed by Gary Ross, and produced by Nina Jacobson’s Color Force in tandem with producer Jon Kilik. Collins’ best-selling novel, which has over 3 million copies in print in the United States alone, is the first in a trilogy of novels which have developed a global following.

Lionsgate will release “The Hunger Games” on March 23, 2012.


I think these guys have the potential to be awesome! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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