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Cover Reveal: New ‘Seeker’ e-book ‘The Young Dread’ delves into Maud

We here at Lytherus are big fans of Arwen Elys Dayton’s book Seeker, which was out in February of this year (don’t believe us? Check out our review!). While we’re desperately waiting for the sequel, Arwen is releasing an awesome novella to hold fans over until Traveler comes out in January of next year.

So behold, the awesomeness that is The Young Dread: 


The Young Dread focuses on a really important side character from the series, Maud. Check out the official description:

When she’s awake in the world, the Young Dread can hear an enemy approach from a mile away, manipulate a whipsword into a thousand forms, and attack with it faster than the human eye can see.
And yet, the Young Dread is not often awake. She, like the Old and the Middle Dreads, lives outside the stream of time, frozen for vast stretches. She was a child in the 1400s, but she’s alive today, and aged only into a teen.
She wakes for short bursts, to observe the training of the families known as Seekers. Past and future intertwine in Seeker traditions—they are the keepers of both ancient knowledge and advanced weapons—and the Dreads must oversee it all, testing their skills, swearing them to loyalty, bringing them justice.
Master storyteller Arwen Elys Dayton takes readers centuries into the past to follow this ageless Dread’s footsteps. This time, when the Young Dread wakes, things will change. She is about to discover the first threads of a web in which she and so many others will be trapped.
A ruthless killer to some, an enigmatic upholder of justice to others, the Young Dread is destined to shape the future in ways she is only beginning to understand.

This sounds like the perfect bridge book leading from the past into the story that Arwen tells in Seeker. We can’t wait to read it, and it comes at the perfect time to hold us over until the next book! And on a side note, how amazing are the ruins on the cover? We love it!

The Young Dread: A Seeker Novella comes out on November 10th, so do miss it!


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