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Easy Guide to Checking Out your Favorite Hunger Games Cast Members!

Whenever a film comes out based on a book I love, I really like getting to know the people who are going to represent those beloved characters on the screen. What better way to do this than to have a handy guide to light your way? None! compiled this neat little list of available Imdb and facebook pages, twitter accounts, and websites for all the cast members of the Hunger Games movie. Feel free to stalk away – I know I will!

District 12:
Katniss Everdeen • Jennifer Lawrence IMDB ¦ Facebook
Peeta Mellark • Josh Hutcherson IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦Facebook ¦ Website
Gale Hawthorne • Liam Hemsworth IMDB
Haymitch Abernathy • Woody Harrelson IMDB
Mrs. Everdeen • Paula Malcomson IMDB
Prim Everdeen • Willow Shields IMDB ¦ Facebook

The Capitol:
President Snow • Donald Sutherland IMDB
Effie Trinket • Elizabeth Banks IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Website
Caesar Flickerman • Stanley Tucci IMDB
Seneca Crane • Wes Bentley IMDB
Claudius Templesmith • Toby Jones IMDB
Cinna • Lenny Kravitz  IMDB ¦ Twitter
Portia • Latarsha Rose IMDB
Octavia • Brooke Bundy IMDB
Venia • Kimiko Gelman IMDB
Flavius • Nelson Ascencio IMDB

District 1:
Marvel • Jack Quaid IMDB ¦ Twitter
Glimmer • Leven Rambin  IMDB ¦ Twitter

District 2:
Cato • Alexander Ludwig IMDB ¦ Facebook
Clove • Isabelle Fuhrman IMDB ¦ Twitter

District 3:
Tribute Boy • Ian Nelson IMDB ¦ Twitter
Tribute Girl • Kalia Prescott IMDB

District 4:
Tribute Boy • Ethan Jamieson IMDB
Tribute Girl • Tara Macken IMDB ¦ Facebook

District 5:
Tribute Boy • Chris Mark IMDB ¦ Website
Foxface • Jackie Emerson IMDB ¦ Twitter

District 6:
Tribute Boy • Ashton Moio IMDB
Tribute Girl • Kara Petersen IMDB

District 8:
Tribute Girl • Mackenzie Lintz IMDB ¦ Website

District 9:
Tribute Girl • Annie Thurman IMDB ¦ Twitter

District 10:
Tribute Boy • Jeremy Marinas IMDB ¦ Twitter
Tribute Girl • Dakota Hood IMDB

District 11:
Thresh • Dayo Okeniyi IMDB ¦ Twitter
Rue • Amandla Stenberg IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Facebook ¦ Website

Miscellaneous Cast:
Avox Girl • Amber Chaney IMDB
Katniss’s Father • Phillip Troy Linger IMDB



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