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Excerpt of Upcoming Kim Harrison Book

Kim Harrison’s newest book, Pale Demon, is set to release this upcoming Tuesday, February 22nd. Her publisher HarperCollins has offered a nice excerpt on their website, to give you a taste of the story. This is the 9th book in  her The Hollows series.

Here’s a brief summary of the book:

Harrison’s intriguing ninth Hollows novel (after 2010’s Black Magic Sanction) lives up to the earlier books, which established Harrison as a major urban fantasy player. Witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan needs to get to her brother’s wedding. This leads to an uneasy alliance with her elven frenemy Trent Kalamack, who’s being pushed toward Seattle by a quest. Meanwhile, Jenks the pixy is recovering from the loss of his wife, Matalina, and needs distraction. The result: “A witch, an elf, and a pixy on the Great American Road Trip” through a landscape reworked by magic, facing down terrifying foes en route. Elegant and taut as a gymnast’s cartwheel, Harrison’s polished prose drives a story that will have readers swerving in their seats every time Rachel turns the wheel.


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