Francis Lawrence Officially Brought on as Director of “Catching Fire”

Director Gary Ross is no more in The Hunger Games movie franchise. It’s been said for a little while that he was no longer on the project, and it’s confirmed that he’s officially been replaced by Lionsgate with director Francis Lawrence.

What does this mean for the second movie in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire? Well, Lawrence is best known for his directing on the movies I Am Legend, Constantine, and Water For Elephants. His I Am Legend interpretation steered away from the book’s ending (though that may have been soley the screenwriters’ faults), but I thought his version of Water for Elephants was pretty close to the book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So here’s hoping he’s able to bring Catching Fire to the screen in such a way that it stays true to the book and carries forward the amazing momentum the first movie has created.

What do you think? Based on those movies, do you think Lawrence can pull it off?

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