Lauren Kate breathes fresh air into YA fantasy with her new book ‘Teardrop’

TeardropLauren Kate is best known for her Fallen series. Here’s a confession from me: I read them, and enjoyed them, but didn’t adore them like books that seep into your soul should be enjoyed. But they were enjoyable enough for me to want to read an ARC of the first book in her new series, Teardrop, which came out yesterday. Folks, let me tell you. I am absolutely, positively in love with this book. Lauren blew me away. I couldn’t put it down, and was giving my non-fiction-reading sister such an enthusiastic play-by-play that she now wants to read it too. This book is something special, and I’m so happy that it’s out in the world so others can share my joy.

What’s it about? That’s a bit hard at first. It’s almost like two stories in one, really. There’s the tale of Atlantis, the mythical city that sunk into the ocean and disappeared. In Teardrop this is the result of a woman crying so much that her tears sunk it. Cool concept, right? That brings us to the main chunk of the story, to the main character Eureka, a girl who was told never to cry by her mother, and who has lived a haunted life ever since her mother died. Enter awesome and mysterious Ander, who seems to appear everywhere and knows things about Eureka that no one should know – that not even she knows. As secrets become revealed Eureka must figure out how to live with this new knowledge, or risk losing everything.

Rather generic summary, I know, but I really don’t want to give away anything from this book. The story was unlike anything I’d ever read before. It’s one of those books that feels fresh and untold. Reading it was like discovering a secret world that has always been there but no one has noticed until Lauren wrote it down for all of us to read. Eureka’s pain, though a common one in YA (the loss of a parent), didn’t feel forced or overdone. And the interaction between Eureka and Ander felt natural and unique.

I loved everything about Teardrop. I have been gushing to Lauren about it since I read it back in July, and I want all YA fans to share my love. I cannot wait to see where the story goes, as Eureka’s adventures are just beginning. Readers who love fantasy, romance, and something fresh and new should get this book immediately. You won’t be sorry!

Teardrop by Lauren Kate released Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013.

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