Major Ender’s Game Casting Update, Including Harrison Ford as Graff!

Casting for Summit Entertainment’s Ender’s Game is well underway, with the most crucial characters recently chosen. Here’s the cast as it currently stands:

Ender Wiggin: Asa Butterfield

Colonel Hyrum Graff: Harrison Ford

Petra Arkanian: Hailee Steinfeld

Valentine Wiggin: Abigail Breslin

Bean: Aramis Knight

Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham: Sir Ben Kingsley

Salamander Army Commander Bonzo Madrid: Moises Arias

Peter Wiggin: Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak 

Stilson: Brendan Meyer

Alai: Suraj Parthasarathy

Bernard: Conor Carroll

Dink Meeker: Khylin Rhambo

Need a quick reminder of who some of these characters are? Here you go!

Colonel Hyrum Graff is the adult lead in the film and commander of training for the International Fleet military academy in located in space. Petra Arkanian is one of Ender’s Battle School trainers and eventual confidant. former Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham is a character who is crucial to Ender’s battle training. Stilson is Ender’s early antagonists, who he encounters before being shipped off to Battle School. Valentine Wiggin is sister of Ender. Bean is Ender’s youngest recruit. Bernard  is Ender’s first Battle School nemesis.


I’m so happy to see Harrison Ford cast in such a critical role, which only adds to my delight of the casting of this movie. After seeing Hugo, I have complete faith in Asa Butterfield on handling Ender; he was amazing in that film, and I think he will be brillian with all the different emotions that Ender struggles with at the academy. And seeing Abigail Breslin as Valentine will be great!

What do you think? Have they chosen wisely (yes, that was a deliberate Indiana Jones reference)?

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