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NASA Teaming Up With Tor/Forge Publishing

Talk about double-checking the accuracy of your works of fiction! Tor/Forge is teaming up with NASA for some fun collaborative science-based writing projects. Imagine the levels of awesome that would come with aerospace engineers verifying the facts on all your sci-fi. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Tor announcement:

This team up will pair existing Tor/Forge authors with scientists from the Goddard Space Flight Center. The concept is to not only create scientifically accurate and exciting science fiction novels, but also to promote an interest in science awareness in general.

When I was a boy, books by Isaac AsimovRobert Heinlein and their colleagues excited me, inspiring a lifelong fascination with space and the science and technology that would get us there. — Tom Doherty, publisher of Tor Books

The project has just been announced so stay tuned for details as to which authors will be participating. 

This sounds amazing! I think it would be a blast working with an actual scientist, hand in hand creating a fun, exciting, accurate work of fiction. Lytherus will keep you updated as more is revealed!



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