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Podcast Episode 10: interview with author Laurell K. Hamilton!

Podcast Episode 10: interview with author Laurell K. Hamilton!

Episode 10 features author Laurell K. Hamilton, and it is one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever had. We talk about her newest Anita Blake Book, SERPENTINE, which hits shelves on August 7, 2018.

And we go deep: we muse on characters steering the book, address real relationship problems within the realm of her characters, examine emotional intimacy, discuss sexual preferences and how to have healthy sexual relationships, the impact your art can have on the lives of people in ways you never imagined, having the hard talks, what’s coming up in her writing life, and much more!

Plus, we’re giving away a copy of the new book SERPENTINE, scroll to the giveaway below!


There are some mild spoilers in the podcast, nothing huge, but I can’t say we don’t discuss a few conversations that happen. If that bothers you, read first and then come back and listen. Also, this is a sex-heavy discussion, so if that makes you uncomfortable you may want to pass.

If it doesn’t bother you, OR, if you know nothing about the Anita Blake books but want to listen, here’s the minimum you need to know so you know what we are talking about:

  • Anita Blake is our main character. Vampire Hunter and helps cops solve supernatural crimes.
  • Edward is her best friend, and an assassin. Anita never thought he’d let himself fall in love enough to get married. They have never slept together, more like brother and sister, though rumors have spread from co-workers jealous of their talents.
  • Anita is ‘dating’ lots of men, but there are three main ones:
    • Micah and Nathaniel, the three of them share a house and are a unit
    • Jean-Claude, a vampire she also loves and they all sort of share with.
      • They are going to do a ceremony so the four of them can be married.
  • Nathaniel feels like Micah (who runs a group for lycanthropes called furry coalition) and Anita are working too much and their sex life is suffering for it, which really worries him. He brings it up in Florida even though there’s lots of other shit going on (like murders and freakish lycanthropy victims). Also, Nathaniel wants a baby, which Anita doesn’t really want, and she’s struggling with the fact that he may go to someone else to be able to have one.

  • Damian is a vampire tied to Anita.

  • Richard is a werewolf Anita dated that is also still tied to her. He is afraid to face what he is and has some serious emotional issues.

We reference a few fun things in the podcast, below are the links:

Click here for the Merry Gentry series. 

Click here for the Anita Blake books.


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We are giving away one copy of SERPENTINE!

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