Podcast episode 56- Lynette Noni on Magic, Prisons and Global Exposure with her book THE PRISON HEALER!

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Welcome to the Ink Feather Podcast, which explores the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy books through those who bring them to life. We chat with authors and industry pros about their books, including new releases and old favorites. I’m Lauren from the Ink Feather Collective and this is episode 56 with author Lynette Noni!

Lynette and I chat about THE PRISON HEALER, the first book in this series, which can be described as Hunger Games set in a prison with royals, rebels and magic!

This episode was recorded in the spring before an unexpected break on my part, but with the release of book two, THE GILDED CAGE, a little over a week ago, I am excited to bring this awesome conversation to our listeners!

we discuss her journey from popular Australian author to an author with global exposure, what it was like writing within the confines of a prison as a location, magic systems, and much more.

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