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Rise of Planet of the Apes Trailer, Stills, and Interview With FX Crew Tempt Viewers With the Origins of Our Demise

Ever wonder how the intelligent primates in Planet of the Apes came to be? That’s exactly what story the prequel Rise of Planet of the Apes sets out to tell. Coming to the big screen on August 8th of this year, the trailer gives us a thrilling glimpse into how it all began.

This gave me the creeps. I know it is the job of the creators to captivate the audience in only a few minutes, but man, they really nailed it this time. Those apes surrounding everyone, not knowing what they would do to the people, even though it’s been done a thousand times, it still gave me chills (can you imagine waking up in the dark and seeing a silver-back Gorilla at the foot of your bed?!). And I love everything James Franco does, so that was an added bonus, to see his handsome face as the harbinger of the fall of man; takes the edge off a little, you know?

I do  fear that the brief two-minute trailer showed all there is to see, but even if we did get the gist of the entire movie, it still looks like it has the potential to be a summer blockbuster.

Check out the screen-caps at the end for a closer look at key scenes from the trailer.

WETA Digtal, the company that brought us Avatar, did the effects for this movie. 20th Century Fox hosted a live stream with them on April 5th, and the special-effects staff talk about how they brought the apes to life. Check out the video below.

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