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SDCC13: Exclusive dual interview with Leigh Bardugo (‘Shadow and Bone’) and Marissa Meyer (‘Cinder’)

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In the past year or two there have been a few book series that have really stood out in YA fantasy. Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles (‘Cinder,’ ‘Scarlet’ and upcoming ‘Cress’) and Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Series (‘Shadow and Bone’ and ‘Siege and Storm’) were at the top of that list.

We have been fortunate enough to feature both ladies on Lytherus previously (Click here and here for Leigh, and here for Marissa). However, we wanted more from these amazing New York Times bestselling authors, so we arranged a dual audio interview at San Diego Comic Con. The theme of the interview was similarities between their series, including older fables and fantasy influencing their worlds, strong female characters, and of course rakish boys! And, not surprisingly, they are fans of each other’s series, so they both enjoyed singing the praises of the other.

Click on the sound link below to listen to this fun, unique interview.


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