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Soul Weaver: Don’t Judge It By The Bare-Chested Cover!

Hi all! I’m happy to introduce Racheal, one of our new book reviewers. This is her first review. Here’s a little bit about her:

Racheal Luther is an average college student starting out in a world that is different from her day to day life. From watching old 80’s movies to reading books about witches, vampires, werewolves, and crazy monsters, she soon realizes that real life isn’t a fairy tale. Being seen as the corn ball to most people, she’s a pretty down to earth person and loves to tell people about the best TV shows and her weird opinions on every day things.

Welcome to team Lytherus! We hope you’ll be happy here! Now, without further ado, here’s her review of Soul Weaver


I’m not going to lie, when I first picked up Soul Weaver by Hailey Edwards, I highly judged it by its cover. I thought: “Oh goodness, there’s a shirtless man on the cover, not another soap opera novel.” But damn, this book was far from that. Within three pages I was drawn into the story. I was slightly confused at first, but it wasn’t long before I couldn’t put this amazing book down. Not only is this a book genre I don’t normally read, but it has now become a new favorite.

Nathaniel and his brother, Saul, are fallen archangels. Nathaniel works as a Soul Weaver, beings who create the wings for the Soul Harvesters like Saul. But Saul is troubled. He yearns to bring his dead wife back to life, and he’ll do anything to make that happen, no matter the cost. After countless failed experiments on stolen souls, he soon finds himself facing a large amount of unruly soul eating creatures that hunger for more than just food. What has he unleashed?

After Nathaniel witnesses a car accident, he tries to save a girl, Chloe, from losing her soul completely. What he doesn’t realize though is that he has tainted her, and Delphi, the governor of hell, has marked her for eternal damnation. Nathaniel tries to right his wrongs while not alarming Delphi, integrating himself into Chloe’s life. What she doesn’t know is Nathaniel is doing more than just fixing broken things like her porch, he’s trying to fix her soul so she has a chance at salvation when her death finally comes. But Nathaniel soon finds that he faces what could never be fathomed for a fallen angel: feelings for a human. Could he be falling in love?

As I began this book I was slightly confused as to what I was actually reading, but as I kept reading I got a better understanding of the story. That’s what made me read it so urgently; I needed to know what happened next. Edwards sometimes struck me as a cliche author, but when I thought I had the book pinned she spun it around on me. My pre-conceived conclusions about this book were diverted as I continued. When I thought one thing would happen it would go in the opposite direction, and I was baffled as to what would happen next.

At times I asked myself how the characters came to be. I fretted over why the author didn’t deepen the details of Nathaniel and Saul’s pasts. I chewed my nails to nubs just to see how Nathaniel and Chloe progressed their relationship. I wanted more, and that’s what made this book so addictive. Edwards did her character research so well that this has been the best heaven/hell oriented book I have ever read.

Edwards did such a beautiful job with her characters to the point that I felt their feelings. I felt Chloe’s anxiety and awkwardness. I felt Saul’s loss for his wife. I felt pure evil radiate from Delphi, and I envisioned the grossness of Saul’s deformed Soul eaters. And I wont spoil anything, but I popped a few tears near the end. I thought my realizations of the book were coming true, but the tables turned and I was proven very wrong.

This book is a must have and should certainly not be judged by it’s cover (though I mean who can’t get enough of those abs?). Edwards has done a superb job on her characters, building them up from every angle and putting them together to create a wonderful story. Even with it’s shortness I was worried it would end too soon, but with it’s ending and how much she gave to me to read, it still gave me enough to look forward towards future books. Get this book as soon as you can, it’s a quick easy read, and you wont put it down, I guarantee.

Soul Weaver released on August 7th.


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