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‘The Blood Keeper’ By Tessa Gratton Is a Lovely, Complicated Tale That Enchants

When I first encountered Tessa’s writing in Blood Magic I really enjoyed the voice she wrote with. I was drawn into a story that felt fresh and different, and I was expecting nothing less from The Blood Keeper. What I got exceeded my expectations. This book was a lovely, enchanting read that made me happy to get lost in.

Mab is trying to rid her home, which also happens to be on sacred blood lands, of a curse. She’s not sure exactly what the curse entails, only that her beloved mentor Arthur told her to eliminate it. But the creature she puts the curse into overpowers her and makes a break for it, straight into the arms of Will.

Will is a normal boy, unaware of anything magical in the world. That is until Mab turns his life upside down in every way possible. His first experience of her is fighting off a giant mud man she’s created, and as he slowly learns more about her he’s opened up to experiences he’s never even dreamed possible; a world of blood magic, crows with human intelligence, and a girl who is so unabashedly weird, a girl who tugs on his wounded heart strings.

But something strange is happening around and to them, something that neither of them anticipated, and it will stretch the very boundaries of life they each are familiar with.

Before even cracking the cover I was happy that The Blood Keeper was set in the same world as Blood Magic, because I loved what the author did with magic in her world. Immediately though this book had a different vibe. The magic hits you in the face from the very beginning, and we are shown just how confident Mab is with her abilities. She has grown up practicing spells, utilizing her powers, thanks to the adults in her life. What was slow and tentative in the first book is a blazing light in this one, and it was nice to be able to go deeper into the magic.

I love how Tessa writes. She jumps into the heads of both her female and male leads, and the voices feel unique and totally appropriate. I really don’t think I would have gotten the same reading experience if I had been inside only one character’s head. And I thought I would like one voice better than the other, but that really isn’t the case. I could relate to Will more than Mab, but it was awesome to be in Mab’s head with her magical confidence and strange quirks. The author also interjects the main story with journal entries, adding another story to the present-day one. I loved seeing how it tied in with what was happening in the present. I found myself savoring this book, and the various voices was one of the reasons. The author nails it.

I was also blown away by the complicated layers in this story. There was so much going on, such a rich world of magic and history and family, I felt like this could really be a true story, and I’m sure a part of me, the part that wants magic to be real, hoped so!

This book really was a pleasure to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the levels the author wove in the story, the depth of magic, and the wonderful character backgrounds readers were exposed to. I really hope there’s at least one more book coming in The Blood Journals world. I’d highly recommend this book, but I’d say that you should first read Blood Magic. You technically don’t have to, but it will definitely give you a much richer reading experience.

The Blood Keeperhit stores today, August 28.


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