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The Official Pottermore Video is Up, Be Prepared to Get Excited!

Harry Potter fans, listen up! We’re about to get even more excited (if that is even possible!): J.K. Rowling herself finally explained what Pottermore is, and I for one couldn’t be happier! Here’s the official release video:

The best part of this announcement is the revelation of new additional information on the Harry Potter world straight from the author herself. And the fact that she has the time to be a part of the site even makes it more exciting.

But, there’s even more! Beyond the information that Rowling revealed in the video, we now have a better understanding of what exactly is being offered, thanks to some assistance from Here’s a summary from information gained via the official release press-conference:

  • Pottermore is an interactive new web site and reading experience with more than 18,000 new words from J.K. Rowling: Much more to come.
  • JKR behind the scenes filming the video picture.
  • An online experience to read, interact with and share the Harry Potter stories. Exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling and more.
  • Pottermore will feature infromation J.K. Rowling has been “hoarding” for years about Harry Potter.
  • Pottermore will be the exclusive place to purchase the digital audio books and, at last, eBooks of the Harry Potter series.
  • Pottermore was developed in association with the leading digital company, TH_NK
  • Pottermore was also created in partnership with Sony
  • One million fans will get access to a beta on July 31, Harry’s birthday. It will be open for all in October 2011.
  • The launch of Pottermore will have more than 18,000 words from J.K. Rowling, but that is only a third of what she has written so far.
  • J.K. Rowling said this morning that there is a lot more content to come for the Pottermore site, and she will develop it as it grows.
  • You will follow the story, get sorted into a house and get a wand (one of 33,000 possible combinations) – all crafted by JKR.
  • JKR is excited to include a long backstory on McGonagall – her childhood, ministry career, early heartbreak…
  • JKR said if you’re not sorted into Gryffindor you get even more exclusive content about your house.
  • Chamber of Secrets story to debut in 2012.
  • There will be info on Minerva McGonagall’s long friendship with Dumbledore
  • Also mentioned that Vernon and Petunia met at work, backstory also on Pottermore.

The website officially opens in October, but some lucky readers can enter to be able to discover the site early. says to check back on July 31st to find out how. I’ll be there; will you?

[via the-leaky-cauldron]


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