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TIGER’S QUEST by Colleen Houck Picks Up From Book One and Continues Kelsey’s Amazing Story With Page-Turning Excitement!

Warning: Mild Spoilers if you haven’t read book one, Tiger’s Curse!

In Tiger’s Quest, the second book in Colleen Houck’s Tiger series, adventure and romance abound in wonderfully unexpected ways. This series started strong and book two had a lot to live up to. Luckily for the readers, book two is as awesome as book one, and it was another page-turner.

Kelsey returns home from her adventure in India to try and have a normal life. This proves hard when all she can do is think about Ren and the overwhelming feelings she has towards him. But before she knows it, Kelsey’s headed back to India for the second part of the curse-breaking, but instead of Ren helping her, it is Kishan, his dark, broody brother who gets tied up in this adventure — and Kelsey’s heart.

One of the reasons I went straight into this book as soon as I could get my greedy hands on it was the way Houck ended book one. It was a harsh, emotionally draining ending, and I was seriously pissed at her for a moment there, to cause such turmoil for the main characters. Kelsey seems to step away from her confident self, fearing she’s not good enough for Ren, essentially, and this drove me mad. Book two picks up right where one leaves off, and even though Kelsey tries to get back to a normal life, it isn’t before long when we see our princes again. But I applaud the author for not making our girl fall swooning into her hot princes’ arms. Kelsey is determined to have her own mind an opinions, and fights vehemently against Ren when he seems to control her (though she often loses or just gives in eventually out of ease, but not always!). Because of the contradiction of these things, Kelsey became even more real to me, and I fell further in love with her character.

I appreciated the romance twist in this book as well. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but the way it was handled was great, and Kishan is definitely quite dishy himself with his dark good looks and bad boy attitude. He’s kind of every girl’s fantasy, if we’re really being  honest with ourselves! So to see Kelsey struggle with him and her unexpected feelings was fantastic. So now she’s got not one hot, amazing, rich prince after her, but two. Is she wearing some sort of magic perfume or something? If so, someone needs to market that  ASAP! Part of this made me cringe a little bit inside (I mean a teeny tiny bit), because is this really believable? But then I think about the context of the story, with three-hundred year old curses and Indian goddesses helping them on a quest, and I shut my mental trap and just sat back and enjoyed the story.

The adventure aspect of book two was even more enjoyable for me than book one. Journeys into foreign lands, fantastical creatures and places, and difficult challenges made the quest for the second part of the curse-breaking wonderful to read. I am starting to wonder if Colleen Houck was Indiana Jones of Lara Croft in another life, because that’s what these sequences are reminiscent of, in the best way possible.

The book again ends on a cliffhanger, and I couldn’t wait for book three. If you enjoyed one and haven’t had the chance to read Tiger’s Quest, get your butt to the store or on Amazon and get it! It’s just as rich and lovely as book one.

Tiger’s Quest hit shelves on June 7th, 2011.


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