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New Kindle Lending Library on Amazon!

Amazon Prime is the new service Amazon is offering, which has free two-day shipping, access to unlimited streaming of over 10,000 movies and TV shows, and now: a library for kindle users!

The library of books that users can access is around five thousand at the moment, but I’m sure it will only continue to grow (I see The Hunger Games on the display page!)

It seems to work a lot like Netflix, where you borrow the book and keep it as long as you need. However, you only get one new title a month, so if you’re a fast reader like me, make sure you have some backups.

The only major downside to this is that it is only available on Amazon devices, and not on amazon kindle apps, like their regular books are.

To become a member of Amazon Prime it costs $79, but that is good for a year. As of me writing this, you can try Prime out for a month for free, so there is no excuse, Kindle users, to access some free books!

This looks so extremely cool that I am now seriously considering getting a Kindle. I have a basic model Kobo, from when Borders was closing, but I never use it, as I much prefer to have a good old paper book in my hands. But for travel, or convenience-sake, this seems like a really great idea, especially since I have to have a Kindle to use it. Might be worth the money though!

Any Kindle users out there? I’d love to have your two cents!


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