Review: ‘White Hot Kiss’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout is sexy, fun, and a great read. Plus, Gargoyles!

I have to confess something: I’m late to the Jen Armentrout party. I got an ARC of one of her earlier books at BEA a few years ago (Half-Blood), and I never read it. Perhaps it was the cover, or perhaps it just fell down the list as more things rolled in (honestly, a little of both). So when Harlequin Teen reached out to me about featuring Jen and some of their other authors I was excited to be able to read one of her books. Plus, gargoyles!

whitehotkissIn Layla’s world, Gargoyles are good, Demons are bad. Gargoyles are the Warderns against the evil Demons, tasked with taking them down and keeping humanity safe. But Layla is unusual: she’s half Gargoyle, half Demon. She was raised by the Wardens, and supports all they stand for, but is constantly at war with her Demon side. Plus, she’ll kill anyone she kisses who happens to have a soul. Like the hottie Warden Zayne she’s grown up with and has pretty much been in love with her whole life.

Enter Roth, a super sexy demon, who befriends Layla and starts to show her that not only are Demons not all that she thought, but that the Wardens aren’t either. These truths rock the foundation of all she has ever known. And as she learns more about her role in both worlds, more becomes at stake, including her heart. Did I mention that she can kiss Roth because he’s a Demon and has no soul? Yeah.

Jen’s reputation as writing steamy books with fun fantasy elements preceded this book, and I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed. This book was really easy and fun to read. I enjoyed the characters, the world, and the love triangle. And I, like most avid YA fans, are over love triangles as a whole. So that’s saying something.

The romance elements were HOT! The sexual tension with both boys was done really well, and it was a blast to experience her dilemma. I also loved the idea of something with gargoyles, and I was intrigued with how the author was going to write about them and incorporate them into a modern world. It’s actually really cool what she does with them. The world she created is a really fun fantasy world to be in, and I’m really excited to see what happens next.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the plot! I was expecting it to be way more guys and not a lot of plot, but I really think this book was plot-driven, even with such a heavy romance element. The ending was enjoyable, and I’m definitely going to read the next one.

Tip of the hat to you, Jennifer Armentrout. Your reputation preceeded you, and it did not let me down. I’m definitely going to read some of her other series to hold me over until the next book in this series comes out. But I feel that it’s safe to say that Jen fans will not be disappointed in this book.

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